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What is Natnupreneur

The natnuPreneur Scheme is a broiler chicken outgrower scheme exclusive to natnudO foods designed to fulfil the chicken needs of Nigeria. It is a win-win arrangement that seeks to ensure that good quality chicken meat that meets safety standards are readily available to all Nigerians through the development poultry outgrowing structure that is profitable to both farmers and agribusiness at minimal risks.

It is aimed at repositioning the poultry outgrower service by supporting the establishment of new broiler farms and expansion of existing ones in every nook and cranny of the country.

Why Natnupreneur

  • NatnuPreneur is important because it’s a relationship that both rewards
  • Farmers profit is a must, “ it’s only when you are profitable that we can be profitable”
  • NatnuPreneur pays you promptly with enviable price
  • NatnuPreneur offers best support service
  • No matter the market condition, we always buy back our birds
  • NatnuPreneur is a “one stop shop”, all the services needed for your broiler production is available with Amo Group.
  • Contract farming has been used for agricultural production for decades and its popularity appears to be increasing in recent years Empowerment program
  • It insulates the farmers from the risk of changing market prices for the broilers (Fixedprice)
  • A more secure market for broilers
  • To ensure sustainability in poultry farming thus contributing positively to nation economy
  • Sourcing of feed and drugs from AMO Byng and Diversay solution respectively is optional
  • Free Technical Support by our farmer satisfaction representative
  • 15% discount for feed
  • Profit is made after 42days (maximum).

How can we achieve this?

  • Interested farmers are contacted by our natnuPreneur highly trained Farmer satisfactionrepresentative (FSR).
  • Our representative appraises the farmer’s facility to undertake the project. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) form is given to the farmer for signing
  • Farmer books for day-old chicks (DOC) that are supplied at a fixed price of ₦150/chick
  • FSR visits farmer to examine his brooding process and advices on good management practices
  • FSR ensures that farmer follows the vaccination program adequately
  • FSR evaluates starter (Brooding) phase with a structured form where chicks’performance and condition inside the pen are documented
  • FSR continues with his supervision in the finisher phase
  • FSR makes sure farmer doesn’t waste feed as any activity that can unnecessarily increase FCR is mitigated
  • Frequency of visit by FSR may be reduced in the finisher phase if things are okay with the birds
  • FSR advises the farmer on when to move the chicken to abattoir based on his (FSR)assessment of average live weight of the birds
  • Free Technical Support by our farmer satisfaction representative
  • We buy birds at ₦450/kg live weight if farmer delivers in our abattoir and ₦430 if wepick at the farm
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