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Natnupreneur Farming is an empowerment scheme designed for individuals and agricultural
SMEs for wealth creation through the poultry value chain

Who Can


Poultry Farmers, Poultry Enthusiasts, Poultry Cooperatives, Farm Owners, Graduates, Investors e.t.c.



Provides opportunities for wealth creation for all classes of people

Provides opportunities to start poultry trade

Provides a platform for farmers to expand their capacity gradually

Maximum 42 day automation buy back guaranteed

Provides opportunity to gain experience and expertise form large scale poultry farmers

Step 1

Registered natnuPreneur Farmer gets Day Old Chicks (DOC) at a discounted prie from Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery (AFSH).

Step 3

AFSH buys back the bird at maturity (49 days maximum) at the agreed price.

Step 2

Registered natnuPreneur Farmer rears DOC with the full support of our Poultry Extension Support Services (PESS), which provides Health and Management support services to ALL natnuPreneur Farmers.

Step 4

Registered natnuPreneur Farmer gets payment from AFSH five days post delivery.


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